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Amazing product made potty training easy!!! August 12 2013

I was sceptical about trying these pads but I don't know what I was worried about!!! They are green so don't look anything like sanitary towels, have a lovely shape and so soft (which is a must for my sons sensitive skin)

I started dry like me on my 2 year old (34 mths) 13 days ago and we now have dry days and dry nights.

We had tried potty training twice before but tried pull ups and they were still just nappies to my son so we continued to use the potty through the day with no bottoms on. Every time we put big boy pants on him he would have an accident. We were worried about potty training while out and about and in the car.

13 days ago we were forced to get rid of the nappies completely. My son has always had sensitive skin and has suffered from a type of eczema on the inside of his legs and it started to flare up again. So I introduced the Dry Like Me pads to my son and he loved that they fit perfectly into his big boy pants (big boy pants he chose himself) it was exciting for him. He felt comfortable and safe with them so he was happy from day 1 and so were we.

We have had 3 accidents through the night in the last 13 nights, I think this is amazing!!! And we've only had 2 accidents through the day once at nursery and another playing in the garden and we have travelled long distance, been food shopping, have been on walks, been to playgroup and haven't stopped or changed our usual routine.

Dry like me have made our lives so easy! Thank you for an amazing product. I will definitely be recommending you to all my mummy friends and will definitely use these again if I ever have any more children to potty train :-D

By Mrs E